The Institute of Corporate Administration is a human capital development organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to complex business needs by involving high caliber professionals from all sectors, who are continually committed to the search for improvement strategies and implementation of global best practices.

With over 20 years operational experience, we have expanded our professional intelligence and built up a solid data base, alliances and affiliations aimed at achieving Number One ranking as provider of affordable Executive Training adapted to our specific needs as a developing nation operating in a global economy.


The year 2016 was a memorable year for almost everyone. Now is the time to look forward and plan for 2017 with renewed vigor and strategy.

This may of course involve reflecting on the past to see what really worked that needs to be reinforced, and approaches that need to be discarded, but the focus should be on the BRAND NEW YEAR – with new strategies especially with the pace of change and attendant disruptions.

But what are your top priorities?

If you consciously believe that your ultimate resource is your workforce, then your workforce performance strategy is the ideal place to start. Regardless of your setbacks and triumphs in 2016, the new year certainly presents fresh opportunities to make a quantum leap.

Seize the opportunity to hit reset button and craft your 2017 Performance Management Plans by joining us at the:

2017 International Learning Sessions

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icad dubai conferenceDubai, UAE

International Conference on Innovations in Education, Economics and Management
April 24 – 28, 2017
Participation Fee: N249,000.00

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accraAccra, Ghana

Workplace Innovation and Creativity for Competitiveness in a Global Economy
May 15 – 19, 2017
Participation Fee: N110,000.00

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houston, texasHouston Texas, USA

Global Management Conference on Enhancing Public Sector Management Strategies for Sustainable Growth
October 16 – 20, 2017
Participation Fee: N360,000.00

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icad dubai conferenceLondon, UK

International Conference on Education, Leadership and Economic Development
September 4 – 8, 2017
Participation Fee: 320,000.00

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icad dubai conferenceDubai, UAE

Innovations in Business, Education and Management for Global Competitiveness
November 13 – 17, 2017
Participation Fee: N249,000.00

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Also Plan to Attend

The 2017 High Performance Pathway Conferences

Abuja Lagos Port Harcourt

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