Workplace Innovation and Creativity for Competitiveness in a Global Economy – Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana

Workplace Innovation and Creativity for Competitiveness in a Global Economy
April 17 – 21, 2017

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The Objective:
The training package is aimed at developing creative people, innovative teams, effective organizations and profitable revenue streams. It aims to unleash the creative potential of your people at all levels, taking into consideration that the most innovative organizations also double as most successful.

The Rationale:
Staying competitive in an evolutionary world requires an understanding of the art and science of innovation at multiple levels. This programme focuses on the full range of skills, techniques, systems and leadership behaviours that unleash the creative potential of your people.

It empowers creative people that make a culture of innovation, but they need to be energized through coaching programmes, hence this package.

1. Understanding Workplace Trends.
2. Creative Thinking and Creative Process.
3. Workplace Creativity and Innovation Strategies.
4. Practicing Effectiveness at Work.
5. Bench-marking Strategies for Competitiveness.
6. Innovative Approach to Problem–Solving.
7. Managing Toxic Colleagues at Work.

Benefits of Attending
1. Networking opportunities with experts across sectors.
2. A chance to present your papers and have it published in Professional Journals.
3. Listen to keynote presentations from real Professionals and Industry Captains.
4. Award of Advanced Executive Diploma in Management Systems.
5. Custom Award plaque commemoration your participation.

Participation Fee:
N110,000.00 Per Participant
Fee covers tuition, conference materials, stationeries, tea/coffee breaks, lunch, mid day snacks, certificate of participation, and custom award plaque.

Bank Details:
Bank: Access Bank
Account No: 0038432932
Account Name: Institute of Corporate Administration

Target Audience
Mid and Senior Level Administrative Professionals from the Public Service, Academia and the Private Sector, Secretaries, Special Assistants, Legislative Aids, Heads of Departments, CEO of SMEs, Executive Officers, Registrars of Educational Institutions.

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